30 ECTS credits / 30 weeks

Consists of 30 chapters to cover over a year, with corresponding holiday periods of Christmas, Easter and summer. The General Module provides theoretical contents, practical activities and an evaluable objective test for each chapter. Three evaluations will be conducted during the course that will result in a final grade.


18 ECTS credits / 18 weeks

Will take place at the end of the previous module, with a duration of four months. From a real archaeological case, students will implement, in collaboration with professors, the theoretical knowledge acquired in the general module to develop a case study following scientific methodology learned and incorporating all specifications of the different blocks thematic program. It is intended that the student knows the concepts, methodologies and techniques for attaining a virtual archaeological hypothesis, essential in a process of virtual reconstruction. The student may choose a Practicum between supply presented.


12 ECTS credits / 12 weeks

Constitutes the Master’s degree final project. It will be developed online at the end of the previous modules. The student will develop his or her own project in approximately 3 months. To do this the student will have the guidance of an advisor, who will guide the project development. The project manager, part of the SEAV TRAINING Campus faculty, will be selected based on his or her specialization, availability and the student preference. The final project will evaluated and graded by the Director. The final grade of the Master will be determined by the average scores for the three modules.